With the TaskCause app, you can do three things:

Find local & affordable help

Raise funds for your community

Earn money

On the TaskCause app, browse through a list of great nonprofit causes. Start fundraising by asking friends and family to download the TaskCause app and post a task that needs to be done. From there, complete tasks to raise money for your selected cause.

Giving Made Accessible

The TaskCause app opens up a new channel for people to get involved in their community. Simply download the TaskCause app today and help friends, family, and other members of your community to raise money for a community cause.

You Need Help

The TaskCause app makes it easier than ever for you to find local and affordable help for anything you need. Since you have limited time, knowledge, or resources to do everything by yourself, see how people in your community can help.

Features and Benefits

Good For One

The TaskCause app can be used by individuals looking for help or looking to earn money. The person needing help gets what they need done and the helper gets paid.

Good For Many

The TaskCause app connects people to share resources to support their community. With TaskCause, people are able to raise money for their community by helping others.

Low Fees

TaskCause only charges a 2.1% platform fee + 2.9% processing fee on receiving payments. There are no fees for using the TaskCause app to pay others.

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